About Mad Fries

Mad Fries , As the name suggests A Fries you will completely go Mad! Experience a one of a kind Quick Service Restaurant outlet right here in Chennai!

Our Menu


  • Cheesy Wraps

  • Veg Wraps

  • Paneer Wraps

  • Chicken Wraps

  • Fish Wraps


Load your Fries/Wraps with Toppings & Sauces of your choice.


  • Wafer Shakes

    (Kit Kat, Munch, Perk, Oreo)
  • Chocolate Shakes

    (Dairy Milk, Five Star)
  • Premium Shakes

    (Snickers, Mars, Bounty)

The Journey of Mad Fries

David Manohar, Founder of Mad Fries says "It all started when my son Alystair wanted to try a different kind of Fries to his likings". So I tried to make Fries which comes from Fresh Skinned potatoes with a few home made sauces.
When he tried to taste it actually came out pretty good and to our surprise everyone in my family liked it.That's when the journey of Mad Fries began.

Our very first outlet was opened at VGP Snow Kingdom on January 1st, 2017.Mad Fries started serving all its customers Fries made from Fresh skinned potato.

We Go by the saying,"Flavors of Crisp, tender, and seasoned Fries coming your way"."Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside." Served alongside a variety of condiments, a lip smacking snack that brings joy to the taste buds of people around the globe.

Today MadFries has more then 15 operational storesFollowed by more outlets to be opened across cities in India.

What They Say...

Vijay Venkat

Tried their outlet at Sunburn Festival In coimbatore. Loved the flavors and texture and also veggies were very fresh. Mad fries will make you go mad for fries. kudos to the team.

Jaison Samuel

Superb. Wish them all success. New concept of having fresh fries. Best for this winter occasion. Have a shake to overcome the heat.

Sastha Prashanth

Exceptional. French fries in a bowl with toplings? And fresh potatoes everyday. Couldn't have imagined. Goes well with the choco shakes. Indubitably a good kick-off. A must try place!

Sam Nair

I love Spicy fries here ! Combo packs are too good with drinks!!!!!

Kavithaprem Yadav

Excellent with decent price. All the toppings are good

Ajay Zener

French fries with a twist....yummy........ Loved it.

Garvit Gupta

Amazing saucing and the exact amount of seasoning makes it perfect place to have fries.

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