Mad Fries follows SOP ( Standard Operating Procedure) method for hassle free business operations.Complete training would be handled by the brand and day to day operations would be overlooked by the brand for a hassle free business to all its franchisee owners.

Look no further with our profitable and flexible franchise opportunties!

  • Guaranteed Turnover
  • Fantastic Support
  • Contracts obtained for you
  • Training & Support second to none

Mad Fries Promise

  • Where a mission lives in the weeds of the day-to-day work an organization does, the brand promise creates a compelling, higher level vision to help the organization realize its full potential as a sustainable business. (Yes, a business)
  • Operationally Break even from the first month of the business set up.
  • Operationally Profit from the 3rd month of the business set up.

To own a franchisee,the following details are required

  • Area Required : 50 to 300 Sq Ft
  • Operational Profit : From month 3

Our Mission

  • Unique "fusion" concept of innovative sauce.
  • We expect a high degree of enthusiasm.
  • Supporting merchandise items that support the company's brand building.
  • 100% fresh fried potato, compared to frozen fries.
  • Our sauce is also made fresh without preservatives.

Build Your Future.

Preferred Location for Franchisee